Carrot Farm

Carrot Farm

Carrot Farm Products
Carrot Farm products.

Carrot Farm Store LockedCarrot Farm Store Unlocked
Carrot Farm in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

Where you can culitvate carrots for everypony to munch on.
TownSweet Apple Acres
Build Time1h
Build Skip3 Gem
Build Reward40 Star
Sell Reward2,250 Bit
3,000 Bit
1h 23m 20s
Profit XP
240 Bit 40 Star
3 Gem
Shard spawn rate (max: 3)
Nothing Laughter Shard Honesty Shard Generosity Shard Kindness Shard Loyalty Shard Magic Shard
1,000 100 100 1,000 100 100 25
Other Info
Update Added1.0
Shop TypeStationary Shop
"Calling All Hooves"SAA
"Chores, Chores, Chores!"SAA

The Carrot Farm is a shop in Sweet Apple Acres that produces Carrots. The building looks like a stack of yellow barrels with yellow windows and a spinning carrot on top of the stack. It primarily gives Generosity Shards.

Prior to the Sweet Apple Acres update, the Carrot Farm was located in Ponyville, and building it was one of the tasks in the quest "Brotherly Love"P.

Before getting moved to Sweet Apple Acres, the quests this shop was a part of was "Brotherly Love"P, "Returning the Favor"P, & "Shop Dragon"P.

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