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An Earth pony who who commonly frequents the bowling alley, although he doesn't roll on Saturdays.
Playable Yes
Level 1
Town Ponyville
Arrival Bonus 60 XP
House Bowlers' Abode
Minigame Timer 150m(2h 30m)
Minigame Skip 4 Gems
25,000 Bits
Royal Balloon Pop Balloon Pop
More Info
Update Added ?
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
Pins Lucky Coin Wheels Bows Bows
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Bowling Pony lives in Bowling Pony's House in Ponyville.


Bowling Pony can be won in the Balloon Pop game  Balloon Pop or be purchased for 25,000 Bits.

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop Rarity
Royal Balloon Pop Common


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