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Blue Crystal Foal

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Blue Crystal Foal in the Store (locked).

His Spike Fan Club has, like, a million members -- he'll invite you too, the next time he remembers!
Playable Yes
Level 33
Town Crystal Empire
Arrival Bonus 80 XP
House Spike Fan Club
Minigame Timer 4h
Minigame Skip 11 Gems
250,000 Bits
More Info
Update Added Update 3.1
Milestone Helper
Boss Helper
Community Helper
Pro Character
Level Up Rewards
1 2 3 4 5
Wheels Lucky Coin Twines Lucky Coin Lucky Coin
Blue Crystal Foal on the MLP:FiM wiki

Blue Crystal Foal is a crystal colt that lives at Spike Fan Club in Crystal Empire with White Crystal Foal.

He's available in Store 250,000 Bits.

Price History

Price/Prize Purpose Date
250,000 Bits Added 9/28/16


Spike's Biggest Fans
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