Balloon Pop Stand

Balloon Pop Stand

Balloon Pop Stand Store LockedBalloon Pop Stand Store Unlocked
Balloon Pop Stand in the store.
Left: locked; right: unlocked.

Where anypony can play Flim & Flam's Balloon Pop to win fun prizes.
Build Time30s
Build Skip1 Gem
Build Reward5 Star
Sell RewardUnsellable
500 Bit
Other Info
Update Added?
Shop Type?
"Carnival Games"P
"Study Break"P
"Spoutin' a Lot of Hooey"P
"An Element of Chance"P
"Get Popped"P
"Popping Party"P

The Balloon Pop Stand is a carnival game operated by Flim and Flam, and can be built in either Ponyville or Canterlot (or both). Building this shop allows the player to play the Balloon Pop mini-game; unlike normal shops, ponies cannot be assigned to work at it and it does not produce anything.

Even though Flim and Flam operate the Balloon Pop Stand, they live in the Cider Machine.

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