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Catching some apples.

Apple-Picking is a mini-game, also referred to as the Apple-catching game, wherein the player must move the pony from left to right to catch falling apples.

How to Play


Twilight Sparkle in Apple Picking, Apple catching Mini Game. My Little Pony. MLP FiM @Gameloft.

Your pony will be equipped with a pair of baskets when you select a type of apple. Apples will then appear in the trees. Their appearance will be announced by some shaking leaves to give you advance notice. The apples will then either hang for a few short moments before falling, or will fade away and be replaced by a rotten, yellow apple, which will then shake and fall.

The object of the game is to catch the as many ripe apples as possible in 30 seconds. The pony is controlled by pressing either the left side or the right side of the screen. In order to catch the apple, the pony must be beneath it or must run into them from the side. If a rotten apple is caught, the pony will pause and shake his or her head. During this time, apples cannot be caught, so even if a ripe apple falls onto the pony, it will instead fall straight through him or her instead of being collected.


  • Start off in the center so you can quickly get to either side.
  • The bigger the pony, the larger your margin for error. Smaller ponies like Apple Bloom and Scootaloo have a smaller margin for error than the adults, though this makes it easier for them to dodge rotten apples if they fall close to ripe apples.
  • The moment a ripe apple is caught, you should already be moving toward the next falling apple, especially if playing with a small pony.
  • The smaller your phone screen, the shorter the distance, but apples also fall faster.


Cost Multiplier Apples
100 Bits x1 Green Apples
1,000 Bits x2 Red Apples
5 Gems x4 Rainbow-colored Zap Apples


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